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The bill pay blueprint for fintech companies

Effortlessly add bill pay to any mobile or web application in days with automatic user enrollment, engagement, and support. We give you every tool you'll need to be the central hub for all of your users' financial needs.




verizon30 days

~ 125

On average, this bill costs $125. It's been paid 5 times, first on Friday, February 25, 2022 and last on Saturday, June 25, 2022. The next payment is expected to be due by Mon, Jul 25, 2022.

Mon, Jul 25, 2022 (est.)

5 occurences
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    100% match

    mobile phone, phone tv internet, internet and phone

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    Comcast Xfinity Cable & Internet

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We power bill pay for top fintech companies



The Fintech Bill Pay Blueprint

Increase your application's utilization with our comprehensive toolkit that will take you from zero to bill pay in days.

Bill pay lite

Unique, cost-effective, low risk option for facilitating bill payments and increasing interchange with ~26k biller-direct website URLs embedded directly into your app or website.

Enrollment engine

Remove onboarding friction through advanced machine learning that analyzes customer transaction data to identify and suggest bills to link.

Engagement engine

Boost conversion through highly contextual and relevant offers displayed at the point when individuals are thinking about their money.

Customer retention

Traditional bill pay represents ~22% of bill payments - capture these missed touchpoints.

Customer acquisition

On average, people in the U.S. pay 7 bills per month - capture these missed touchpoints.

Flexible integration

Blip was designed to be straightforward with APIs that plug directly into your existing architecture and offers a unique, cost-effective, low-risk option for bill payment.

Developer Focused

From zero to bill pay in 5 lines of code.

Our developer-friendly APIs and SDKs ensure your team spends minutes writing code, not weeks.


1import blip
3blip.configuration.username = "YOUR_API_KEY"
5transactions_in = [
6    {
7        "id": "jQfA2qMb6ZS8JEsdlDd5Y",
8        "name": "VERIZON*RECURRING PAY",
9        "date": "2022-01-16",
10        "amount": -64.99,
11        "account_id": "hl3EG5XCNTX3eMmzsn9Au",
12        "user_id": "ibN0eluvlVQBbjIma3DDG",
13    }
16resp = blip.transactions.add_transactions(transactions_in)
18res = blip.transactions.get_transactions_results(resp["batch_id"])


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