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Blip manages your bills and saves you time and money.

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Let's put your finances on auto-pilot.


Blip automatically identifies all your bills, no more entering account numbers and payee addresses.


Blip uses 256-bit encryption to connect all your accounts and enables you to cancel any you no longer need.


Blip tracks your bills with radar precision and detects any money savings opportunities.


Blip ensures that your bills are paid promptly making late fees a thing of the past.

Find institutions that value you and save you money.

We guide you to community financial institutions (small and mid-sized banks and credit unions) offering money saving alternatives.

Quality of customer experience

Blip guides you to institutions that value building trust and providing individualized personal service.

Lower your bills

Blip notifies you when better rates are available compared to your current accounts.

Find new customers by unlocking the untapped millennial market.

Leverage consumer spending analytics to enable customized products and services to potential customers.

Gain new customers

Only 24% of millennials count a small or mid-size bank or credit union checking account as their primary bank account. Blip will change that.

Unlock new revenue streams

Blip turns bill pay from a cost center into a revenue stream.

Showcase your best offers

Leverage consumer spending to offer your products and services to customers who will benefit from them.

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We've built the channel for connecting consumers and financial institutions.

Blip is a Philadelphia based fintech company enabling millennial consumers to connect with financial institutions in their local communities. For consumers, Blip empowers positive financial health through a free mobile-first bill payment experience. For financial institutions, Blip turbo charges market share growth by pairing financial products and services with local consumers.

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