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Use our developer-friendly API to add bill pay to your application in days.


1import blip
3blip.configuration.username = "YOUR_API_KEY"
5transactions_in = [
6    {
7        "id": "jQfA2qMb6ZS8JEsdlDd5Y",
8        "name": "VERIZON*RECURRING PAY",
9        "date": "2022-01-16",
10        "amount": -64.99,
11        "account_id": "hl3EG5XCNTX3eMmzsn9Au",
12        "user_id": "ibN0eluvlVQBbjIma3DDG",
13    }
16resp = blip.transactions.add_transactions(transactions_in)
18res = blip.transactions.get_transactions_results(resp["batch_id"])
Gather transactions
Source transactions from your database or third-party API. Our APIs are designed to be vendor agnostic, meaning we work with as little as the name, date and amount of the transaction. This saves you time and makes integration simple because you can use your existing database schemas without interrupting the flow of data through your application.
Submit transactions
Bill Pay Lite uses our advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to parse transaction names and identify billers from over 26,000 U.S. based billers. Then, We aggregate and group the processed transactions based on a statistical analysis that identifies recurring and "pre-commited" expenses.
Find billers based on submitted transactions
Your users are onboarded to bill pay automatically upon submitting transactions. There is no additional configuration required. Our API results provide you with all of the data you'll need to present your users with bill information, like expected due dates, anticipated upcoming amounts, and links to complete payment directly with the biller. You'll also be able to display relevant suggested offers that your users to take advantage of to save money (coming soon).

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